The Inside-Outside Project

…A boat trip from Turkey, across the Aegean Sea to Greece; from there, over land to Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, and if all went well, finally into Germany, or perhaps Sweden where most refugees believe that support and jobs will be easiest to find. Some make it to their final destination, but others are trapped in wretched camps at newly fortified borders, stuck in limbo….

From April until June of 2017, the Inside-Outside Project is setting out to follow the paths of the refugees on their way to find a new home. We begin in Turkey and end in Holland, following the route of the refugees and stopping in each country along the way.

Last time, we met refugee children who had just found safety. This time, we document what it is to be a refugee child on the move. The “Inside” is seen in the artwork created in art therapy-inspired classes. The “Outside” is shown with dignified, formal photographic portraits.

It is a unique way to show the effects of war and exodus on children.


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