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To install, open this page on your iPad then tap here to get the Free App.

The app is where you will find portraits, drawings, and essays — this website shows only a small part of what’s in the app. The app tells you the stories behind the drawings, the schools, and the reporting trip. Please, download it to your iPad and tell your friends!

Here are some sample pages from the app:

inside-outside-01  inside-outside-02

 inside-outside-05  inside-outside-07

See, the Inside-Outside Project App is more than a digital book. It is an expandable publishing platform for multimedia advocacy. As we get new art and stories, we will be adding new booklets to the app.

The app now showcases photography, art, stories, and essays. It is also a medium for sharing people’s lives, beginning with the Syrian refugee children in our project from Turkey.


Please write us with your suggestions and comments.


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